SOX Technology Designed for Control Owners

Intuitive, Transparent and Repeatable

Control Owner Centric

SOX Focus prioritizes the Control Owners’ role in successful compliance


My Tasks

Custom dashboards drive users to their open items upon log-in

Design Approval

Owners are empowered to update and approve their controls' design

Trust, but Verify

Go beyond certifying that controls haven’t changed, prove it through periodic evidencing!

Rapid Deployment

Leverage our agile implementation and be up and running in days

Clear role definition facilitates quick user set-up.

Tailor control attributes through standard and user-defined options

Excel Upload Templates pull in users and existing control matrices in seconds

Alerting. Set milestone due dates and let SOX Focus monitor and follow up!

Return On Investment

Perform and monitor all compliance tasks through SOX Focus at a cost that will surprise you!

Low monthly subscription cancelable at any time

Subscription Includes

  • 25 User Accounts
  • AWS Infrastructure
  • Full Reporting Suite
  • Sox Focus Alerting Engine


Internal Audit Testing? Upgrade to SOX Focus +

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